my biggest struggle in life is trying to make my eyeliner the same on both eyes

me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira


idk I sometimes finish sentences with a “~” bc a period seems too hard/almost angry and a blank is too blank

see you later. (secretly pissed)
see you later~ (floating away trailing glitter and fairy dust)


i want to talk to you but i don’t want to be annoying do you see my problem

“Some books are so familiar that reading them is like being home again.” - Louisa May Alcott, Little Women


That was then.                                          And this is now. 


*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

No matter what anybody says, you’ll always be a prince to me. (R.I.P. Robin Williams, 1951-2014)

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